Why She Writes (and Edits)

Live Shot from Inside of My Mind at Any Time.
Image by
edith lüthi from Pixabay
  • As initially planned, this website was designed to be one part “Showcase of My Writing” and one part “Manuscript Editing Service”
  • That’s right, as I am not yet independently wealthy, I currently earn a living by copyediting scientific/technical/medical (STM) research manuscripts, and I planned to offer an editing service here


  • I did a little research and nixed the editing service plan: other companies already provide such services for far lower prices than I had anticipated
  • I thought I could carve out a niche group of clients, but the pricing would not make it worthwhile for me and I honestly don’t want to do *more* editing


  • So, as it turns out, coming up with a domain name is a pretty big deal: it costs real money and can’t be changed lightly
  • Nor is it easy to come up with a name to represent yourself and your services
  • Deciding what to call it added additional stress to my life that I did not need


  • In the end, I decided to keep it reflective of what I do: I write and I edit
  • Not that I walk around referring to myself in third person, but “she” writes (and edits) sounded a bit catchier than “I” write (and edit), so here we are

WRITING (AND EDITING), Not Editing (and Writing)

  • For my entire adult life and professional career, editing has taken priority as it paid the bills; writing was always on the back burner
  • In 2020 and beyond, I’m committing to keep writing outside of the parentheses