Published Fiction

In November 2016, I wrote and self-published “That Dinner with Dante David” on Amazon. I am stunned that I’ve written nothing since that time, but that’s what happens when life gets in your way… and you succumb to excuses.


Buying a home of her own and expanding her interior design business sufficiently distracted 33-year-old Keena Ballam from the loss of her beloved grandmothers and the end of her first serious relationship. Having survived the most personally challenging year of her life, she decides to celebrate with her relatives, friends, and clients by hosting a Housewarming and an Open House over the course of a single weekend.

While thankful for the overwhelming support of her rather large extended family, every single one of whom attended her events, she found their unified front unsettling. Her relatives shared a collective singular focus: finding her a man. Even more troubling, they’d somehow convinced themselves that Dante Serra, the son of her friend and mentor, Giorgio, was seriously interested in her.

Keena knew they meant well, but her aunts and uncles and brothers and cousins simply didn’t understand. Dante might be single, and attractive, and a business owner, and biracial, and in his thirties, just like she was, but he wasn’t interested in women like her. She’d seen that firsthand over the years at his father’s annual parties. But when the man himself leaves her not one, not two, but three messages the day after the weekend, Keena’s the one who doesn’t understand just how drastically her life is about to change.

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